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Want to buy a new house because the existing one is not spacious enough? In the current situation of stable economic stagnancy, you should think twice before making a hefty investment for a new home purchase. The suggestion is definitely not for those who have riches to afford a costly buy. Those, who have a tight budget, should put their plan on shelves as there is another option – it’s no less attractive and cost-effective – to make a better use of their money by opting for home extension and renovation of their existing property.

A builders and extensions company in Kingswood will give a professional touch to your old property and bring a dramatic change to how your house will look after extension work.

Followings are some more information on property extension:

Property Extension Utility

• If a professional company is involved in the project, you will get what you need. A home extension is usually carried out to create more living space.
• Home extension increases property value. Once your house becomes more functional, the property price will automatically soar.
• Property extension saves you money as buying a new house would have made your wallet lighter. The extension project will be a good return on investment.

Customary House Extension Places

• The idea of property extension is never restricted to extension of the entire house. In fact, more often, it is carried out on selected portions such as kitchen, living room, bed room etc. In other words, it allows you to go with the kind of extension that suits your requirements.
• Property extension not only makes your existing property roomier but also opens outlets to fit more lights inside your house.
• You can extend your property just to accommodate a garden or save your existing garden.
• It’s fairly easy to get your extension project approved quickly if it’s within your property. And with a reputable builders and extensions company in Kingswood involved, expect an easier and smoother approval for your proposed property extension.

Aspects to Keep in Mind

There are other ideas that you might want to accommodate into your thoughts while going ahead with your extension planning and implementation.

• Firstly, you should figure out how much space you actually need. You should have a clear idea about what you expect from your house extension plan. You should pay thoughtful attention to layout, design, building materials, budget and so on. It’s important to request your builder to show you the drawing draft of the proposed extension project.
• Check the design thoroughly – windows, doors, roof style, internal finishes etc so that you don’t have to regret that things did not come out as expected.
• Apart from design and functionality, you should also consider thermal performance, insulation, UV ray protection and other important topics that will increase the worth of your house to a significant extent.
• Finally, your house must meet all the criteria that will return a good value for your money. In other words, your new house – after extension – should have all the features and facilities of a standard property at a decent price.

If you are looking for a builders and extensions company in Kingswood, get in touch with C.J Construction for cost-effective and quality-sensitive service.

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Property Extensions Company Kingswood


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