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Do you have any plan to design and build a house? Everyone wants to own a nest of his or her own. But deep within your mind you know well that this particular field is not your forte. Therefore, you should not try your hands at designing. Several factors need to be accommodated into planning and those are likely to be beyond your understanding. All these point to a reality that without a design and build company in Kingswood, you will be at a loss once the work starts.

You will soon realize that several important aspects have been missed and those integrated into your planning are had to implement. In a nutshell, either a professional builder or a complete disaster – the choice is up to you.

Innovative Design

Whether you have no love lost for traditional design or are a big fan of contemporary look, the company you hire for our property design and development should be able to come up with fascinating and functional designs. Look always matters and at the same time, functionality must not be ignored. A balance between two should be your priority and expected of a good construction company.


Everyone in the construction industry, from dwarf to don, has a portfolio to show their potential clients. And any good company takes pride and delight in their embellished portfolio that offers a clear picture of what they are capable of doing. Ask them to show their previous projects and they will be happy to share those with you.

Take a look at the kind of works they have done. Do they have expertise in dealing with a variety of projects or specialization in a particular type of work? It will help you decide if the particular design and build company in Kingswood is up to the type or work you have in mind.


Do you dare to trust someone, who is new in the industry, to design and build your house? You will either let out a scramming “NO” or hesitate to give a one-word answer. But we know that silence has only meaning in this context – NO. An experienced builder usually becomes a leading name in the construction industry.

Such a company has expert and experienced architects and structural engineers on their boards. They have experts in their team, who are well aware of rules and regulations pertaining to building design and development.

Therefore, with an experienced professional constructor, you can expect your building project to be sanctioned quickly in local council, a stand-out design to start with, high quality materials to be used for property development, no hidden cost to leave you shocked and industry-standard execution to be proud of.

Estimation in Writing

Ask them for an estimate on the project, they will not give you a verbal statement; rather everything will be put in writing. They will take time to figure out the work involved, when it’s expected to finish and expenses to cover the features and facilities mentioned in the agreement. Though often called a rough estimation, it will not be way different from what you will have to pay ultimately.

Such a nearly accurate estimation will help you understand if you will be able to afford the project work or have to request the company for a low-cost option or switch to another constructor that may come up with a cost-excellent solution.

If you are looking for a design and build company in Kingswood, get in touch with C.J Construction for cost-effective and quality-sensitive service.

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Design & Build company Kingswood


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Design & Build Kingswood


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