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When it comes to property refurbishment, most people tend to think about renovation of their actual living area. However, a well-designed landscape can add to the appeal and value of your property. Yes, you can do such landscaping on your own but for a professional touch and perfect finishing, you should leave the task to a well-known property refurbishment company in Banstead

At this point, you should demand more reasons to be convinced about importance of landscaping. Followings are some reasons that may sound convincing and compelling:

Landscaped Properties Receive More Attention

A home with a properly designed and done landscape to set off the frame of your property receives more drop-in buyers. Multiple surveys suggest that a ‘for sale’ placard put up outside of houses with perfect and catchy landscaped yards draws a lot of attention and such houses are sold much faster than the houses without no or poorly designed landscaped yards. In real estate market, ‘sale time’ is considered extremely important.

Landscaped Properties Are More Valuable

Another good reason to think about landscaping! Landscape materials usually come easy on pocket and instantly make an addition to the beauty and value of your property. Studies suggest that it can increase the value of your house by 15% or even more, depending on how beautifully it is done. If you are on a tight budget, landscape refurbishment is a great idea to increase your property value without parting your way with a fortune that is usually required for home renovation.

Furthermore, if your home looks unattractive or plain in its entirety or some parts, landscaping will be a great idea to lend it a nice look.

Landscaped Properties Are More Energy-Efficient

With the right placement of the right types of trees and plans in the yard, your home can save up to 25% on heating and cooling expenses. A tree casting its shadow on an air conditioner can increase its working capacity by 10% or even more. A reputable property refurbishment company in Banstead never fails to come up with customized suggestions about your yard designing so that you can save a goodly sum on your energy bills.

Landscaping Makes Your Property More Sellable

It particularly applies to landscaped properties having large trees. According to many realtors, 83% of potential home buyers think that fully grown tress create a heavy or moderate impact on saleability of property. Properties with beautiful landscapes sell at higher prices than those with no or poorly done landscapes.

Homebuyers Love Landscaping

When potential buyers are asked about what they look for ahead of a property purchase, many confess their love for landscaping and consider it as one of their priorities. A typical psychology makes them think this way and it is all about their firm belief that a well-landscaped property is more immersive and expensive than those with no landscaping. That is why, they are naturally drawn to the houses hemmed or surrounded by the best landscaping.

If you are looking for a property refurbishment company in Banstead, get in touch with C.J Construction for cost-effective and quality-sensitive service.

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